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If Amazonite has found its way into your life, it's a sign that you're in need of the truth, even if it hurts. With Amazonite by your side, you CAN handle the truth, it is first and foremost a stone of loving communication and its crystal healing properties remind us that it's time for our voices to be heard. It has soothing vibes that remove negative energy, irritability, or energy blocks in the body and helps us manifest universal love and peace. It’s good to place your Amazonite stone in the north area of your home or office. This will ensure that positive energies will flow when it comes to your career or life path.

Amethyst is the birthstone of February, a natural stress reliever that brings protection & spiritual growth.  It rids your home and body of negative energy while attracting positive energy. It’s a powerful sleep aid so next time insomnia strikes, try placing amethyst stones underneath your pillow before you go to bed and give into the peace and calm this stunning stone can bring.

Apatite is a creativity enhancing stone that can stimulate your thoughts and ideas. It is used to increase intellect, imagination, and intuitive and psychic awareness. It is said to help you maintain focus, learn, concentrate effectively, think clearly, and communicate better. It can clear confusion, ease tension, anger, apathy & sorrow, and aids in overcoming emotional exhaustion by clearing negative beliefs about oneself. Apatite is an inspiring gemstone which can be used anywhere in the home where you feel it may be needed. The centre of the home deals with health, the west side for children and the east for the whole family.

Angelite is a stone that can bring serenity, inner peace and a sense of calm. It can be used to connect with spirit guides, the higher self, and, of course, guardian angels. It is excellent for enhancing telepathy, psychic awareness, astral travel, and spirit journeys. Angelite is also perfect for creating a shield of psychic protection and for balancing etheric and physical energies. If you keep angelite in a place where your mind is usually relaxed and relatively empty, such as beside your bed, breakfast table, or a sofa where you sit and read, your mind will be ready to “accept” the angelite’s energy.

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March, the stone of courage. It’s calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. It has an affinity with sensitive people as it has the power to invoke tolerance of others. It overcomes judgementalism, gives support to anyone who is overwhelmed by responsibility, and encourages taking responsibility for oneself. Put aquamarine near the northern end of your bedroom, study, or whatever area you use the most for prayer, repose, and calm reflection in your home, and you can expect a world of benefits.

Amber isn’t a crystal, but a tree resin that became fossilized which gives it strong connections with the earth. It is a powerful healer and cleanser of the body, mind, and spirit, and stimulates the intellect. Amber promotes self-confidence and creative self-expression while grounding you. You can place amber in the centre of your bedroom or underneath the centre of your bed to invite more earth energy here. Because your bedroom represents you, this would be an especially helpful location if you want to invite more stability, support, and grounding into your personal life.

Apophyllite has a high water content that makes it a very efficient conductor of energy, its presence in a room enhances the energies as it is a powerful vibrational transmitter. This is a stone of truth, bringing recognition of one’s true self and allowing that to be shown to the world. Apophyllite is perfect for a social living room with frequent parties, guests and entertainment.

Aragonite provides strength and support, helping to combat anger and emotional stress. It is attuned to the Earth Goddess, encouraging conservation and recycling. It is a reliable earth-healer and grounding stone. Aragonite will encourage impatient children to wait and take their turn. An aragonite cluster will improve timekeeping for family members and in the workplace. Use for procrastinating family members who put everything off until tomorrow.

Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and prosperity. It promotes compassion, empathy, and perseverance. It’s known as a comforter, heart healer and general harmonizer, protecting the heart and bringing things back in control. Place a green aventurine anywhere you keep technology in your home or office, on your desk, on your bedside table, or on your entertainment unit. The crystal will work to soak up that “smog” so that it doesn’t affect your energy.

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