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The Luna Lovewitch collection

Discover the enchanting world of our Luna Lovewitch range, where oddities and curios meet the mystical realm of witchcraft.  Whether you spotted us at the Brisbane Oddities expo or are simply drawn to the allure of the unknown, our Luna Lovewitch range is sure to cast a spell on you. Explore our bewitching selection and embrace your inner magic.

Cast iron cauldron with lid and large pentacle design 1200gms plus


Witchy vibes $50 Mystery value box ~ for witchy woowoo people who like surprises!


Luna Lovewitch Cursed Collection ~ Black obsidian bat charm bracelet


Pentacle mini hoop sterling silver earrings


Luna Lovewitch Enchanted Herbs - Nettle Leaf


Celtic knot tree of life sterling silver pendant with triple moon pentagram design


Luna Lovewitch Enchanted Creatures ~ Mimela Splendens in resin (Japanese fruit beetle)


Luna Lovewitch Cursed Collection ~ Black obsidan spider charm bracelet


Luna Lovewitch Enchanted herbs - Calendula


Luna Lovewitch Enchanted Herbs - Rose Petals


Luna Lovewitch Cursed collection ~ Black obsidan coffin charm bracelet


Luna Lovewitch Enchanted Herbs - Angelica Root


Luna Lovewitch Enchanted Herbs - Lavender


Luna Lovewitch Enchanted Herbs - Tulsi


Luna Lovewitch Enchanted Herbs - Elderflower


Luna Lovewitch Enchanted Creatures - Deaths Head Hawk Moth - Acherontia Lachesis


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