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Are Mermaids real?

Are Mermaids real?

We believe in magic in the world, could it be in the sea as well?

A lot of Tik Toks have been surfacing of 'evidence' of mermaids. Mainly skeletons or 'bodies' being washed up on the beach. But they don't seem to be this beautiful, glittery images that we all imagine them to be. Rather a pale, creepy outline of a half human half fish hybrid. 

The ocean is HUGE! At this current moment we have only explored approximately 5% of the ocean. I would like to believe that there is mermaids in the other 95% of the ocean that we haven't explored. 

In the deepest depths of the ocean no sun reaches there so maybe mermaids aren't as colourful as we expect. The pressure alone that deep in the ocean would crush humans, so is it naive to think that a mermaids top half be built the same as humans.

There are so many myths, legends and stories about mermaids that surely there has to be some truth in it? For example our Shiva Eye Hearts are also called mermaids money. I like to imagine a world where mermaids are buying things in the deep ocean with Shive Eyes! How cool!

Whatever you choose to believe I think we can all agree that we really don't know what is out there. In the mean time I think we can keep thinking of mermaids as these stunning mystical creatures.

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