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Become the real you with Chrysoprase

Become the real you with Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a type of chalcedony, characterized by its bright apple-green colour and is found in the United States, Russia, Brail, Australia, Poland, Tanzania & Indonesia. It is typically formed through the weathering of serpentine, as the elements in the serpentine break down, nickel, iron oxide and silica dissolved out of the stone and is then collected in cracks.

Chrysoprase found in jewellery is often thought to be jade, as these two impressive stones both have similar properties.

It is a powerful stone that brings good fortune and prosperity. It instils you with poise, grace and helps you to recognize the gentle beauty within yourself so you can enjoy self-expression and courage through fluent speech and mental dexterity

Balancing the ying-yang energies chrysoprase is associated with the heart and sacral chakra. It is known as a stone of love, calm and mediation and helps with overcoming impulsive thoughts, actions, as well as fostering forgiveness, compassion, and trust both within yourself and others. This stone brings good fortune, prosperity and imparts grace on those who hold or surround it.

If you struggle with self-love and expression, chrysoprase is the stone for you, its powerful waves will help you transition into your truest self.

Throughout history Chrysoprase was known to assist in the enhancement of fertility, aids in gout, eye problems and heart problems.

Other metaphysical healing properties of these stunning sparkly stone, includes the enhancement of fertility as well as aiding eye problems, mental illness and heart problems and skin diseases.

To wear chrysoprase, place as wherever you feel is appropriate. To assist with sleep, place under pillow or in pillowcase. To enhance meditation place on or near head.


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