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Benefits of Salt Lamps

Benefits of Salt Lamps

We have some exciting news! Our four stores have now received a beautiful  collection of different salt lamps. Here is a great read on what benefits these lamps can provide, not only providing a beautiful statement piece for your room it also provides some other great benefits. 

1. Breath of fresh air
One of the main advantages of Salt Lamps they offer a breath of fresh air, almost as if you had opened a window and let in the natural light of the sun.
Have you ever experienced the wonderful feeling of sitting under a waterfall? This can be attributed to the negative ions in the air. 

2. Cleansing the air you breathe
They are also renowned for their ability to remove dust, pollen, dirt, cigarette smoke, and some other types of contaminants from the air that is being breathed in.

3. Purify the air through hygroscopy
Himalayan salt crystals can help purify the air through the power of hygroscopy. This means they attract water molecules and water vapour from the environment and then the crystal salt absorbs those molecules into the salt crystals in the lamp.
As the lamp warms up, the absorbing water evaporates back into the air, and the trapped particles remain locked in the salt.
Because rock salt lamps can help remove microscopic airborne air particles, placing a Himalayan crystal salt lamp in the rooms where you spend the most time can significantly reduce allergy symptoms.
One of the main reasons people get the salt crystal lamps is for air purification,  improving air quality and reducing air pollutants.

4. Helps your body filter air more efficiently
As a result of salt lamps helping remove 'dirty' particles from the air, you will have less of these particles to inhale. Basically, our job is to help cleanse the air in as many ways as possible, so the air we breathe is as fresh as possible. 

5. More energy
Another one of the benefits of rock salt lamps is how people feel more energised around them. People often feel more invigorated by seeing them.
Because of this, if you constantly feel tired and aren't sure why, you should try placing a Himalayan rock salt lamp in the rooms you spend the most time, such as a bedroom, living room, or dining room.
Once you have placed the rock salt lamp in the room, you should begin to notice a difference in your energy levels within a week or two.
To truly increase your energy, moving is the number one way to do this. Try for two weeks to go for a walk, bike ride or do some yoga within 5-10 minutes upon waking. See how much of a difference it makes.
Remember, all our bodies are different and we respond to different environments, medications and stimuli in different ways. Nothing wrong with that, but we all need to find what works best for us through experimentation. 

6. Help with sleep
We live in a society which is flooded with all types of energy fields. Because of this, blood flow and oxygen sup ply to the body and brain can be significantly diminished.

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