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Blue Moon on the 22nd of August

Blue Moon on the 22nd of August

So the full moon is coming! But did you know this full moon is a rare Blue Moon...

You might remember a while back we had the blood moon? Well next full moon (22nd of August) is a rare Blue moon in Aquarius. But what does that actually mean? 

A blue moon is brought to us once every two and a half years. It is an extra full full moon when there is 13 full moons in the calendar year instead of twelve. Contrary to the name the moon won't actually turn blue (sadly, how cool would that be!) There is a lot of mystery around the Blue moons origins of the name but one thing everyone seems to agree on is that something rare and unusual is happening or will happen.

This particular full moon is the second full moon in Aquarius placement. The first being on the 24th of July. The time between the two full moons have allowed everyone to do a massive clean and refresh of any mental clutter. It has also been a great time for manifesting and shadow work. An Aquarius moon wants to deconstruct and understand. This second moon is going to be a hugely emotional time. The first moon shook things up a bit, but this next one is about to shuffle some more. The first moon allowed us to acknowledge our problems and understand them a bit more. The blue moon will help us step forward and into our problems to resolve them.

Keep an open mind the full moon might show you things you weren't expecting! Embrace the change and allow yourself to feel all the emotions! 

Not sure what to do on a full moon? Check out one of our older blogs for a full moon ritual.

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