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Broom Broom

Broom Broom

A broom is a simple object that has multiple different potential meanings. It can represent home and hearth, cleanliness, witchcraft and marriage.

Besoms, also known as witches' brooms, are traditional tools used for sweeping and cleansing. They have a long history and have been associated with various rituals and practices, particularly in the realm of witchcraft and magick. The word "besom" is derived from the Old English "besma," which means broom.

Besoms were originally made from birch twigs, which were bound together with willow or hazel branches to form a handle. These natural materials were chosen for their durability and ability to sweep away dirt and debris.

Besoms have been utilised for a really long time as devices for cleaning and cleansing spaces. They were used to clear homes of evil spirits and remove negative energy in ancient times. They were likewise utilised in ceremonies to decontaminate and bless sacrosanct spaces.

In many societies, besoms were accepted to have mysterious properties and were utilised as a device for divination and correspondence with spirits. Additionally, they were frequently utilised in wedding ceremonies, where the bride and groom would leap over the besom as a sign of their commitment to one another and to their brand-new home.

The relationship of besoms with black magic and wizardry can be followed back to the early current time frame, when the abuse of witches was at its pinnacle. During this time, besoms were frequently portrayed as being utilized by witches to fly through the air and go to gatherings with different witches, known as "sabbats." This depiction of besoms in mainstream society has persevered right up to the present day and has added to the getting through relationship of besoms with witches and magick.

Besoms are still used for their traditional purposes in modern times, but they are also used as symbols of Wicca and other modern pagan traditions, like the Wheel of the Year, and as decorative items. Many individuals who practice these customs consider the besom to be an amazing asset for purging and cleansing, and they use it in ceremonies and services to associate with nature and the profound world.

So when you sweep your home it can mean so much more than just cleaning. You could be changing or clearing the energy. Happy Sweeping!

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