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Can you hear the Crickets?

Can you hear the Crickets?
Crickets are insects that have existed for roughly 200 million years and there are over 900 species around the world. In the evenings, you may hear crickets singing, they do this by rubbing their wings together to make a high-pitched chirping sound. They symbolize focus, self-expression, intuition and sensitivity. Crickets are also signs of good luck, good fortune, wealth and abundance, and communication. As it relates to good fortune, many believe that killing crickets brings bad luck.

Not only is encountering a cricket considered to be good luck, but it's a sign to take a leap of faith. When you encounter a cricket, pay attention, this can indicate that you will soon come into good news, particularly if you see crickets in the house. They are also a symbol of connecting to a higher spiritual consciousness, staying true to who you are, and being creative in how you reach your accomplishments.

In Celtic folklore and mythology, crickets were believed to be enchanted creatures, representing mystery and luck. They never killed crickets because of this belief, and were thought to be very old creatures with ancient wisdom.

So the next time you hear a cricket chirping in the night, think about the spiritual meaning of crickets and consider how appreciating this often overlooked insect can do a world of good for your soul.

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