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Candle Magic - Colour meanings

Candle Magic - Colour meanings

Really into candle magic but want to know what the different colours mean? This is your go to guide.

White: Purity, peace, healing, innocence, divination and exorcism (White candles can also replace any colour candle)

Red: Passion, fire, strength, survival, career, lust, action and independence

Yellow: Intelligence, Sun, luxury, memory and positive attitude

Blue: Focus, protection, forgiveness, good fortune, water, truth and calm

Brown: House blessing, animals, pets, earth, locating lost items and stability 

Pink: Love, friendship, caring, maturity, affection and nuturing

Orange: Creativity, justice, joy, opportunity, ambition and celebration

Green: Luck, Growth, tree, plants, earth, money, nature, success and jealousy 

Purple: Spiritual growth, government, breaking habit and driving away evil 

Black: Protection, safety, banish negativity, pride and shapeshifting


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