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Candle ritual for magick

Candle ritual for magick

Candle ritual for magick

Throughout history, Candles have long played a major Part in spell casting/ magick.
Witches may use many different elements to assist in spells, so in today’s blog we will focus on why Candles are so important.
Fire is a powerful element. When a spell is re cited over a lit candle, the spell or message is amplified to the universe with much more energy and power.
Most practicing witches or Wiccan’s will have a collection of candles in assorted colours to suit any occasion.
Like most rituals it’s important to cleanse the candle, clearing unwanted energies.
Use a smudge stick or spray, a crystal suitable for cleansing like clear quartz, or wipe over candle with salt water.
See our previous blogs on candle magick colour meanings and sea salt for cleansing for more info.
Take a moment and breathe, Think about what you really are hoping to attract with your candle magick.
Take a sharp knife or pin and make an inscription on the candle as much as you can, if candle size allows even add full sentences. Be clear in what you want, if using smaller wish candles focus on feature words for example “career success” pass exam” “help
Study” etc
Please be careful not to hurt yourself and inscription may take some gentle practice on smaller candles.
While burning your spell candle recite/ repeat what your desire is. For most spells repeat at least 7 times up to 12 times.
In witchcraft, the size of the candle is not that important, however traditional spell casting suggests that allowing that candle to burn all the way down is.
Finally finish your candle magick once your candle has come to the end, by saying “and so it” is or “the spell is cast”
Please Note: never leave burning candles unattended and make sure candle flame is not near anything flammable.

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