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Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean Calcite

This dreamy crystal will capture your attention with its beautiful look that reminds you of being beach side listening to the calming waves from the ocean.

Caribbean Calcite has made a big impact to crystal lovers. It is a very new combination mineral that was recently found in 2019 at Pakistan. It is questionable once this seam has been exhausted, if it will ever be found again elsewhere, becoming therefore, a potentially rare crystal.  

Calcium Carbonate can take the form of two different minerals: Calcite is the stable form, whereas aragonite is metastable. Over time, or when heated, aragonite can ultimately transform into Calcite. Caribbean calcite has a light ocean blue look with light brown & white aragonite.

Caribbean Calcite frees mental energy from toxic and negative blockages, so that inner-childlike joy, passion, and harmony flows freely. It also adds more compassion and empathy to everyday stresses.

This stunning crystal elevates consciousness and activates psychic abilities. A powerful, yet tranquil crystal that can enhance the overall feeling of “knowing” by connecting to your inner truth.

When working with this beautiful soft blue stone, it opens you to inspiration and spiritual enlightenment. Guidance and focus surrounding life goals will surely increase, as well as clearing thoughts that inhibit your highest vibrational path.

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