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Cheers .. Or Viking Style “skål!”

Cheers .. Or Viking Style “skål!”

In Norse mythology, the Gjallarhorn was the horn of Heimdall the Guardsman of Asgard. He was the son of Odin and nine beautiful sea maidens. He had so many gifts and his wisdom was as profound as his father. The Gjallarhorn of Heimdall would alarm the gods when Ragnarök broke on the sky. And it was believed to inspire the Vikings with their historical drinking horn.

Viking drinking horns have become one of the trademarks of the Vikings and their culture. Other than the exceptional fighting achievement, the Vikings were additionally renowned for their marvellous toasting custom. The Viking drinking and toasting custom has made due nevertheless stayed well known nowadays. Viking toasting presents the Viking strength and energy as well as shows their strict confidence in divine beings and the association with their past predecessors.

In sacred Norse ceremonies, drinking horns filled with mead were shared and passed around as part of the ritual, a drop always being left at the end for the gods. Drinking horns were ritual objects, lavishly decorated, and considered to be much more than just vessels for consuming alcohol.

While the Norsemen did use drinking horns, the history of the vessel is far more varied — and begins over 1,000 years prior to the Viking Age. Known as the keras or rhyton in ancient Greece, the drinking horn was used in many regions over the years, and it's still an important part of some cultures to this day.

So raise your Horn and say “skål!” (pronounced “skoal”) with gusto. The word “skål” itself has origins made misty over time. Some claim that the term has a root in the skulls of the vanquished, from which Viking warriors would drink to celebrate their victory.

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