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Cleansing Crystals

Cleansing Crystals

How do you cleanse your crystals? How often do you do it? What happens if I don't?

Cleansing crystals seems like a lot of work right? Well it doesn't have to be. Here are a few ways to cleanse your crystals.

In store:

We cleanse all of our crystals with the Stilus cleansing spray ($16.95, available online and instore). It is the easiest way for us to cleanse our stock without getting too messy and being able to cleanse the hundreds of crystals we have instore. It would be a great option if you have that huge statement piece that is just a bit too heavy to lift, or to carry with you and cleanse on the go.

Cleansing with water:

** Make sure your crystals are water and salt safe (stay tuned for more blogs on this!)** 

Water can help neutralize any negative energy in stones. Hold your crystal fully submerged in running water, natural sources are best but work with what you've got, for approximately 1 minute. Then pat dry.

Or you can do it with salt water. Take your crystals with you on your next beach trip and get them in the salty water. Salt is one of the best natural cleansers.

Brown rice: 

So you know if you drop your phone into water you bury it in rice to absorb all the water? Well it essentially is the same with negative energy. Bury your crystal in brown rice and it will suck all the negative energy out! Make sure you dispose of the rice after the cleansing is done.


Grab yourself a sage bundle and smoke away the negative energy. Make sure you are outside or near an open window. The smoke needs to escape and take the negative energy with it! 

Don't have sage? That's okay! You can use incense, or any smoke really. Just visualize the negative energy leaving the crystal.

Other crystals: 

Yep! You can use your other crystals to cleanse your other crystals. So you can just have endless crystals! 

But seriously, crystals like Selenite are perfect for cleansing other crystals. Place the crystals together, or on top of one another and the different vibrations will help shake out the negative energy.


This is another great one for the collectors with large crystals that aren't easily moved. Sound cleansing uses one tone that vibrates through the crystal matching the vibrations. You can use bells, sound bowls, tuning keys etc. As long as the sound is loud enough to fully encompass the crystal. 


Don't want to buy anything to cleanse your crystals? Need a quick cleanse when you're out and about? You can use yourself. Use your breath, hold the crystal in your dominant hand and use short sharp breaths to blow away the negative energy. Or use visualization, hold the crystal in your dominate hand and visualize the negative energy floating away, or visualize the crystal being washed clear, whatever works for you! 

Now to answer the question how often do you do it? Well, that's really up to you. We usually suggest you cleanse the crystal once its served its purpose so you can program it again for what you need. Some people cleanse before/after a full moon or on the new moon. Some people actually don't cleanse their crystals at all. It's totally up to you! We can't tell you how you relate to your crystals or how you feel works best to use them. 

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