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Come on baby light my fire

Come on baby light my fire

Fire Quartz is a variety of quartz which is characterised by a striking red patterning caused by hematite inclusions. For this reason, it is also known as hematoid quartz or ferruginous quartz. This crystal occurred when liquid iron oxides were able to precipitate with quartz’s other components (namely, silicone and oxygen) becoming part of the crystal. For this reason, it is often found near hydrothermal veins in places iron is also found. The yellow and brown varieties of Hematoid Quartz are known as Golden Healer Quartz.

This crystal has a rich history and has even been dated back to 2500-500 BC when it was used by the Assyrian people as seals. It has also been used for centuries in protective talismans by both Aztec and Ancient Egyptian societies.

Metaphysically, fire quartz is a powerhouse. The combination of clear quartz and hematite creates an amazing mix of both their properties as well as its own.

As well as being highly protective this crystal is able to transform negative energy around or sent to you into something positive. This transformative energy also aids with clarity so that you are able to clearly view your situation and turn an emotional lens into a more critical one. This allows you to make a conscious and well thought out response to the situation. Fire quartz will also remind you that your response to difficult situations is able to vastly change the outcome.

This crystal is excellent for bringing balance to your body, mind and spirit, it both grounds you and allows you to be uplifted and energised.  The strong energising energy of fire quartz helps to prevent procrastination and aids in motivation, keeping you on track for your projects.

Also known for its soothing properties, fire quartz aids in ‘burning away’ worries while raising your self-esteem. In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out and we can feel burnt out, fire quartz balances body, mind & spirit helping you to understand why you do something so you can have conscious response rather than an unconscious reaction.

Fire quartz corresponds with your base chakra also known as the root chakra and associates with the element of earth, symbolising foundation for life, grounding & stability.

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