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Crystal Love Ritual

Crystal Love Ritual
There are so many different kinds of love. love of our families, bestie love, self love( which us moon goddesses never do enough of!) love of our fur babies, romantic love, love of Mother Nature and all the beautiful gifts she bestows on us like the ocean and moon.
Love is the most powerful force known to us and the source of all that is good and right in this world. Yet for all that, love sometimes feels so far away. This ritual is structured to open you up to all forms of love! Or you can practice on attracting one particular love you wish for!
We recommend 2 crystals for this love spell, malachite and rose quartz. Malachite opens up your heart chakra, allowing love to flow in and out, and of course rose Quartz the ultimate stone for love and friendship! There is no right or wrong for shapes and sizes of these 2 crystals.
When setting up for this ritual, allow yourself time, find a peaceful calm place that makes you feel happy, sometimes doing them outside in nature harnesses more earth elements and power. It can be as simple as setting up under a tree in your backyard. Light some candles, red or pink in color for love. Using aromatherapy in a diffuser or rubbing essential oils into your fav body lotion for this ritual is a bonus, not to mention self care! Use a combination of ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine and sandalwood essential oils for love rituals.
Lie flat, place the malachite at the center of your breastbone, your heart center, then place rose Quartz in your dominant hand, set a timer for 10 minutes then close your eyes.
During this 10 minutes focus on all the positive love intentions you wish for!
Be sure to cleanse the crystals after using a smudge stick, moonlight or salt water.

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