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Crystals for pets

Crystals for pets

Whether it be for practices, healing or even just an energy boost, crystals take an important part in our lives. Even with their multiple uses, the main reason people are drawn to them is to gain some guidance and support for certain situations.

But what if I was to tell you that crystal healing wasn’t just for humans. That’s right, our fur babies can also connect with them and gain their own personal healing from our precious stones.

Just like humans, each crystal has a different healing property for our pets. I know as a pet owner myself; we will do anything to love and support our fur babies as much as possible.

Because of their high sense, animals and pets can respond very quickly to the healing energy of crystals. There are many wonderful healing stones that can be used to help assist your pets to be less anxious/nervous, more comfortable in their own skin and to be just in a higher, more positive mood.

An overall good stone to use with your pets is agate. Agate aids to build a better communicate with your fur babies while making them have better focus on certain situations. It is a really good stone to be using for puppy training, keeping them calm and focus.

To help eliminate confusion and emotional blockages, Lapis Lazuli is amazing stone for rescue animals or pets that have suffered trauma in their lives.

Carnelian works amazing for elderly dogs that suffer from stiff joint pain or arthritis. Allowing them to lay next to it or lightly massaging them with the crystal can help reduce some of the tension from the joints.

Sometimes our babies can experience stomach issues like anyone else as well. Having citrine around them can help with digestion and the discomfort.  

Separation anxiety is also really common in most pets, especially ones with a past.

Clear quartz is a calming crystal that can help provide comfort in pets suffering for anxiety.

Its always heart breaking when you can sense that your bestfriend is not in their normal upbeat playful mood or they energy levels are lacking. To boost them up and to get them in more of a positive vibe, you can add rose quartz and amethyst in their water bowl. This creates an energy fill water for them to ingested.

Another great place to set a crystal is in your pet’s bed, where the healing vibrations can be absorbed throughout the night. Also, a large crystal placed in the corner of the room may attract cats who wish to rub against it as well. You should see a positive change in your pets behaviour within a few days.If the crystal’s vibration is too intense for your fur babies you will know it right away. You might sense they are more anxious about going to their bed or a negative change in behaviour. In that case remove it.Always start off slow when introducing new things to pets, this also includes the use of crystals.

When choosing your crystal for your pet, it is always good to be cautious about the size of the crystals you are using. Please use suitable size crystals for your pets size, to reduce the risk of choking hazards. Also research is a must. Some crystal can be toxic to both humans and animals if mixed with water. So before you put any crystals in your pets bowls, please make sure its safe to do so.

(medical disclaimer - any information in this blog is purely on a metaphysical basis and we make no medical claims. Crystal healing is not a replacement for medical care for humans and pets)


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