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Crystals for plants

Crystals for plants

For many us Woo woo AF people, not only do we like to surround ourselves with crystals, a lot of us love plants as well!!

An abundance of greenery can bring so much pleasure to our lives; from cleaning the air we breathe to lending a Zen-like harmony and grace to our homes. Especially since covid and we are inside our homes more than ever.

Throughout the ages, gardening has been known to be truly soul-soothing. I absolutely believe in the restorative powers of being with nature! In Wicca we are commonly known as green witches!

But it can also be super frustrating when your plants don’t thrive. Wilted leaves, low vibrations, and stunted growth – all of these side effects could be energy blocks as plants work on earthly energy too.

How can crystals help? Well I’m glad you asked ….

Wonders are waiting to happen for you when you harness the powers of gemstones and gardening. Combining these two miracles grown and forged from our beautiful earth bring the real magic!

From cleansing and purifying the soil to bringing nurturing love and environmental protection, here’s are favourite picks of the best crystals to perfect your plant life.

Emerald/ green Calcite for an energy boost

Clear Quartz for high vibrations and fertile soil

Rose Quartz for positive loving power, don’t forget the talk to your plants too! Citrine for good vibrations as citrine harnesses the power of sun!

Amethyst for plant purity

Tigers Eye for protection and abundance

 Pyrite for stamina and clarity

 Tourmaline for protection and nursing sick plants back to health

 Malachite for protecting against nasties like EMF’s

 Moonstone for deep roots and balance

 Moss Agate for earthly energy

 Green Aventurine for growth and vitality

If you have small space or looking to spruce up your office , it’s also fun to make a terrarium or mini fairy garden! It’s great to for recycling glass jars and bowls too!

Add rocks/pebbles, crystals, fairy mushrooms whatever you like!

It's also a perfect arts and crafts project to do with kids and friends on rainy days!


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