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Expecto Patronum - Wands and how to use them!

crystal wands assorted

Lets face it, we have all pretended we are Harry Potter or Hermione Granger with the TV remote or some other kind of wand like item at home, while reciting expecto patronum or Leviosaaa. 

I know your all laughing now cause' you know you do it too! lol

Lets talk about real wands in our latest blog!

The wand is commonly associated with witchcraft and is symbolic of a witch's energy and power. 

Wands are the traditional healing tools of shamans, healers, and metaphysicians. The magic wands of myth and legend, they are believed to have been used by the highly evolved crystal healers of Atlantis, and many practitioners today believe that wands from those far off times are surfacing once again, complete with their powerful programming.  

Wands can focus energy tightly through their tip. Most wands are artificially shaped but naturally formed. Long pointed crystals such as the powerful laser quartz are excellent healing tools. Crystal wands are used to perform concentrated energy work such as aura cleansing and chakra charging. They are often the most important tool in a crystal healer’s kit. Wands are held above the body and are used dynamically throughout a crystal healing session to channel and direct energy. Most wands work by funneling energy through a pointed tip. If we want to direct healing energy towards the body, then we point the wand tip towards the body. To carry negative energy away from the body, we face the wand point away from the body. Some wands have points at both end (known as double-terminated), which means that energy is funneled in both directions simultaneously.

There are colorful wands, natural wands, laser wands and Vogel wands. There are wands for individual chakras too.

There is no wand more powerful. It answers to you, and to you only - Professor Severus Snape, Harry Potter

We have a big range of wands ranging from fun resin ones to crystal practitioner healing wands. Available at all our retail stores and online shop. 

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