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Familiar or Family?

Familiar or Family?

The relationship between witches and familiars runs deep. Familiars (or imps) usually are small household pets that serve as a witch’s companion. According to legend, familiars are sort of like guides, who take the form of an animal on Earth. They are loyal guardians and protectors to witches, who are sent to assist them with magic. So, how does a witch meet their familiar? Well, they just sort of find each other. They choose to be the other’s familiar, and enter a mutually beneficial relationship.

Can any animal be a witch’s familiar? Sort of, yes! Insects, cats, mice, rats, toads, ravens, and dogs are traditionally familiars. However, it depends upon how the witch and the animal connect. Sometimes two spirits want to work together and find an affinity in each other. This means that it won’t matter who the spirit belongs to, as it’s a fated meeting that draws them together as one.

Remember all of this the next time you play with your pet. They are the gatekeepers, protectors of your magic, and will bring you clarity. Plus, they’ll prove their loyalty by never leaving your side.

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