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For Better Fang Schwee (Feng

For Better Fang Schwee (Feng

Just like quinoa its hard to say but good for you!

Feng Shui, sometimes called Chinese Feng Shui, is an ancient Chinese traditional practice that claims to use the power of energy to bring people into harmony with their surroundings. The term feng shui literally means "wind water".

Adorn your front door or home with sacred symbols such as the bagua mirror, om, cross, rangoli, bells and flowers placed right outside the door.

One of the easiest ways to introduce an element or shift is with color. Choose your favorite and add a splash of color to your cushions, wall hangings, paintings and furniture. Most of the other improvements below, such as lighting, wind chimes, and artwork, can be doubled with the use of specific colors and shades.

Music, chimes, bells, even sound machines. The birds outside also evoke noise and evoke energetic chi (if you like bird calls). Sound is often used to energize our lives and to “get the chi” we need to thrive in our spaces. 

From outside light to lamps, lights, candles and fireplaces. Lighting is often used to fix missing corners or guas on the outside and stabilise imbalances.

Paintings, photographs, sculptures, textiles, handcrafted or professionally created works of art evoke strong symbolism and emotion. Art can capture goals such as health, wealth, relationships, or the essence of the Bagua realm. A commonly used example is of a single woman living with the single woman artwork depicted in her art. Instead of emitting energy to attract a partner each day, this image reinforces the single life. Focus on what you want and let the artwork guide that chi and invite that energy.

Plants and flowers, as well as pets, create energy and vitality in your home. If you have the ability to take care of your plants and have lighting to match, these are a great way to invite the elements of the tree and the symbols of growth. Wood helps balance the abundant water energy and fuel the fire element. Pets, even Pisces born, are of course considered fire elements and, as mentioned, should be well cared for and loved.

Features such as fountains, aquariums, and waterfall images show movement and active flow of chi. Water is most associated with wealth, so make sure all elements are clean and flowing, and flow towards your home or building when you are outside.

Chi flow is encouraged using chimes, bells, flags and even banners. Flags can be used to mark entrances that are not clearly visible from the curb. This is important for inviting Chi It. I need to know how to reach you. As with lighting, some tweaks could be used to fix the missing gua.

Mirrors, of course, are considered an active chi. They always work – always reflexively. Mirrors are used to double the size of a room, reflect a view, represent the water of career and wealth, or open up missing or protruding corners in oddly shaped rooms. can. A mirror is often used above the chimney to balance the heavy fire element. Traditional Bagua mirrors are said to protect your home from evil and bad vibes. So placing one on your front door is the trick!

Crystals regulate energies, increase grounding, and balance energies within a space. It is often used to soften the flow of energy that is moving too fast or to accelerate stagnant energy. When light hits the crystals, a rainbow is created and the entire room shimmers.

Try a little fang schwee revamp in your home today! Want to know more, see our full range of Feng shui books, Bagua mirrors,bells, Iching coin bells & money trees at your closest retail store!

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