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Needing to FLOW

Needing to FLOW

Do you live or work in an environment that feels stuck or exhausting?

You need to find your Flow State, is the following of the energy that is happening instead of fighting it or stopping it or fearing it. 

Looking at something that moves and also helps you breathe and calm will bring you back to a Flow State.

Breathing, being in the moment, remembering this will pass and wash over.

Watching something burn into a waterfall will bring you to your true path instead of emotionally pushing and pulling your emotions and physical body.

We find that during times of fear or stress we want to fight, flight or freeze. Instead try flow. This can help move the energy around you to flow into were you need to be. 

If you need power try a Wizard or Witch Back Flow Burner, if you need grounding or peace try one of the waterfall or Buddah Flow Burners and add one of your favourite smells to create even better flow.

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