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Halo there - Crystal Angel Carvings

Halo there - Crystal Angel Carvings

Angel carvings allow the loving and protective energy of the angels to work with the properties of the crystal. They assist us to attune to and deepen our connection with the angelic realm and our guardian angels. Reminding you that the angels loving support is there for you. Angel carvings call the Angelic energies to us when we need them and are particularly beneficial to use when you are asking for guidance or support, helping to comfort and surround you with loving, peaceful energies. 

Angels will add positive energy to any room, use for angel alters, beside your beside to you or your children whilst you sleep or carry with you for daily protection, guidance or healing. Hold your Angel when you feel afraid or lost. They make a great gift idea as they will send out loving energy to those that are given them.

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