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Help I can't sleep!

Help I can't sleep!

Struggling to fall asleep? Have a really good night routine but just need something extra? Try these!

There is nothing more frustrating that getting home after a long day, being exhausted, then not being able to sleep! It just doesn't seem to make sense does it. Here's a few things you can try to see if the help! (if really struggling please chat to your GP)

Sign off.. well kinda: 

With so much of our lives driven by technology it's hard to sign off and give up technology a few hours before bed time. Tik Tok is hella addictive. We get it! Sometimes it's just not practical either. We're all super busy and sometimes 9pm is the only time we get to answer emails or facetime a friend. But what you can do is set your phone to night mode. On most smart phones there is a setting for it. It dulls the screen and lessens the amount of blue light coming through. There is heaps of research out there about how blue light affects the eyes and how it simulates sunrise etc. If you're interested you should do a quick google! 


Howlite are one of the best crystals for sleep. They have a calming, soothing energy. Popping one under your pillow can help to soothe the angers and stresses of the day. They can be helpful to fully relax and reach deep sleep.

Amethyst is another good crystal for sleep. They aid with clear thinking and can help lift anxieties. Perfect for over thinkers who spend the whole night going through everything that happened that day, week, month or year. It is helpful to program your amethyst to assist in sleep. Some people find amethyst doesn't help at all because the vibrations are too intense.

Unakite is an awesome crystal for love and compassion. Similar to rose quartz it aids in self love. It's a great one for helping reduce stress and not being too hard on yourself! 

Do you wear crystal jewelry? Still wearing that moldavite pendant to sleep? Probably not the best idea to wear simulating crystals when you are trying to relax and fall asleep. Especially stones like moldavite, they can cause crazy intense dreams and keep the mind going a million miles an hour.

Essential oils:

Using some lavender on your pillow or in a diffuser can help you relax after a stressful day. Or there is even lots of sleepy essential oil blends.

Make sure you double check the oil is skin/fabric/diffuser safe before using.


Hopefully these help get you into a deep restful sleep. Again if you are still struggling please go and talk to your GP

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