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How to dispose of a spell jar

How to dispose of a spell jar

So you've made a spell jar, it's done it's job and now you want to dispose of it. What do you do?

Firstly we have to address when it is time to throw out your spell jars. The perfect time to dispose of them is when they've served their purpose or when it shows signs of decay. These can be the sealing wax falling off, mold, mixing/separation of ingredients or breakages/leaks. 

First remove the wax and dispose how you choose, lots of people recycle their wax into new candles.

Separate all the reusable materials and organic materials. Reusable materials can include, the jar, crystals or charms. Cleanse the reusable materials and then they're ready for your next jar. 

Return all the organic materials back to the earth. You could bury them, burn them or compost them. Totally up to you!

Cleanse your space, thank the universe for activating your spell.

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