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I Sheen Obsidian

I Sheen Obsidian

Obsidian’s easily a fan favourite amongst crystal lovers. Its glassy appearance enchants anyone who looks at it, but did you know that obsidian can have different sheens?

Obsidian is essentially a volcanic glass and it is formed when lava quickly cools. Water plays a particularly important role in how sheen obsidian is formed. All obsidian has water in it, mostly in very small amounts as water vapor bubbles, which is trapped within the obsidian. These tiny bubbles may become distorted and flatten along flow layers in obsidian, which is the layer of lava where more lava flows over it. This is what obsidian a sheen.

Obsidian will generally have no sheen, this is called black obsidian, but it is through this meticulous process in which sheen obsidian are forms, making them quite uncommon. Gold and Silver sheen obsidians tend to be more common that rainbow sheen obsidian, this is due to the fact that it has magnetite inclusions.

Despite being a more common type of obsidian, black obsidian is still extremely powerful. Black obsidian is a stone of protection. It wards off negativity and keeps your mental space, free of negativity. It allows you to look at your true self, helping you to come to terms with who you are, leading you in the right direction. Obsidians protective qualities allow for it to disperse any unloving thoughts and provides support and comfort during periods of transmission, especially when learning to love yourself.  Additionally black obsidian is a very useful crystal for scrying.

As for gold sheen obsidian, it has the elements of black obsidian, plus a few extra goodies. Gold sheen obsidian is the ideal type of obsidian for scrying as it allows for you to look into the past and future, letting you to see the roots of issues. It is also useful for those battling with their ego as it eliminates the feeling of uselessness and vainness, balancing your mentality and conveying knowledge.

Silver sheen obsidian also has the elements of black obsidian, plus calming qualities. It is useful for meditation as it enhances a sense of calm and allows you to reflect on yourself, acting as an inner mirror. In addition to this, silver sheen obsidian also provides you with patience and resilience when you need it most.

Finally, rainbow sheen obsidian is a crystal of comfort. Like any type obsidian, it too has the elements of black obsidian, however rainbow sheen obsidian is particularly nurturing.  It is considered to be much more gentle than regular obsidian. It assists you in severing old ties, such as past loves, in a way which is not too abrupt. Once it has severed this, it heals your heart energy’s and allows you to learn to love new things and people. Rainbow sheen obsidians comforting aura also wards off negativity and stress form you allowing you to remain at ease.

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