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There are spiritual symbols everywhere. They all have meaning, from the leaf of the Bodhi tree to the dream catcher by your bed. They nevertheless have a powerful psychological impact on us even though we have largely forgotten their importance in the present.

Strangely, while certain holy symbols instantaneously transmit positivity, others do the opposite. Sometimes the aura that is produced is so potent that it might give off a sense of profundity and wisdom.

People from different cultures and backgrounds have been vividly using spiritual symbols for communication of ideas, concepts, and values.

Divine symbols are not only a powerful tool for communication, but also deeply personal. There can be a certain symbol that, when you see it, instinctively draws you to it.

If you understand the significance of each of these symbols, it can also reinforce beliefs, offer strength, and evoke feelings you haven’t experienced before. ort to connect with your spiritual self.

The ankh or key of life is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol used in Egyptian art, tombs and writing to represent the word for "life" and as a symbol of life itself. It is used as a good luck charm as one of the forms of 'good luck' it brings is longevity, you're pretty unlucky if you're dead.

The pentagram has been used throughout history as a symbol often in magic or Wicca. Its meaning has varied wildly over time, and it has functioned as a symbol of protection, of perfection and of humanity, among others. In modern times the pentagram is most often used with the five points representing the five elements of air, fire, water, earth, and spirit.

The Evil Eye is designed to protect the wearer from evil and ward off the evil that has been directed at them. Wearing any piece of jewelry with the evil eye symbol on it provides the wearer with both power and protection against evil spirits or bad luck.

The Hamsa Hand opens you up to all of the abundance and goodness of the universe, welcoming them into your life. Hand facing down also brings fertility and answers to prayers and manifestations. Often, in this position, the fingers are closed together to bring good luck.

The Flower Of Life symbol is one of the most recognized geometric symbols within the magical world of sacred geometry. This special symbol represents the cycle of life. It's believed that within this symbol, holds the most meaningful and sacred patterns of our universe as a whole. 

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