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Krushing on Kunzite? So are we!

Krushing on Kunzite? So are we!

Named after the famous mineralogist in George Frederick Kunz and discovered in 1902, kunzite is a lilac crystal and the most well-known variety of the mineral spodumene (other types of spodumene include the green hiddenite). The pinky-purple tones of kunzite come from manganese and ranges from pastel to an almost neon level of intensity. This crystal is both rare and beautiful, making it highly sought after by both gem and mineral collectors alike. Kunzite is a mineral which displays an optical effect known as pleochroism, which means the colour it appears as varies depending on the angle it’s viewed at, with the deepest and most saturated purple visible when viewed top down.

Metaphysically, kunzite is a powerhouse of a crystal. It’s a highly supportive stone which nurtures those who wear it and encourages them to do the same for others. Kunzite is an excellent stone to keep nearby when you’re angry as it excels as a balm to sooth negative thoughts and emotions, as stone of forgiveness kunzite aids in humility and embracing loving thoughts. Kunzite helps us empathise with others, especially when emotions are heightened.

On the topic of love, this crystal attracts the energies that harmonise with us, helping us to find those that resonate on the same level as us and engage in emotionally meaningful relationships of all kinds. If you’re looking for a romance that’s more than just physical, kunzite will be your best friend. This stone is associated with motherhood, both new and continued, it supports the journey it takes both mother and child on and fosters a loving relationship.


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