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La La Lunar La Lunar

La La Lunar La Lunar

What a Magical, Mysterious Moon we can see.

The moon was formed over 4 Billion years ago, and about 30-50 million years after the solar system.

The moon is so powerful that it has had many craters from meteorites crashing into it and still holding strong. The largest is about 200km in diameter.

So powerful in fact it influences the ruse and fall of the tides on Earth. It moves approximately 3.8cm away from earth each year. It also has different phases, Wanning, Full, Waxing, New and the Dark Side of The Moon. It also has Lunar and Solar Eclipses depending if it is full or a new moon.

The moon influences us in many ways and has been said it causes "Madness", effecting moods and emotions. The word "Lunacy" derives from the moon. Sleep and migraines are also said to be linked to the Lunar phases.

Folklore legends associated with the moon has many stories written such as Werewolves, Vampires, The moon hare or rabbit as well as stories of Eclipse being "End of The World" doom,

The power of the moon has given us power in understanding our emotions, to feel deeply and accept those feelings. Standing under the moon light makes all your troubles wash away. If you truly believe in lunar and work with her changing energy, you can create magic and the ability to fulfil our wishes, dreams and affirmations.

You can do many rituals for different things happening in your life with the moon. Making sure you are doing it in the correct phase is very important.

Next time you are standing outside at night look at the magical, powerful and blessed power of the moon and remember all things shine even in the darkness.

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