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Leo 23 July – 22 August

Leo 23 July – 22 August

The symbol for Leo is the lions main. The King of the Beasts symbolises the regal nature of the sign.

Element: Fire
Symbol: Lion
Ruling Planet: Sun
Precious Birthstones: Ruby
Semi-precious Birthstones: Cats Eye, Tigers Eye, Amber, Carnelian



Leo was one of the earliest recognized constellations, with archaeological evidence that the Mesopotamians had a similar constellation as early as 4000 BCE. Some mythologists believe that in Sumeria, Leo represented the monster Humbaba, who was killed by Gilgamesh.


The lion is a great poseur. Possessing magnanimity of spirit and an infectious love of life. Lo belongs center stage and demands adulation as of right. This sign is a natural ruler, put on earth to rule over everyone else, whether they like it or not. Fortunately, Leo has such a charming nature that most people forgive this intrusion into their lives. Megalomaniac or benevolent despot, there is something exuberant and childlike about Leo, even when bossy and domineering. Leo believes him or herself to be special treatment. There is enormous pride at play in this personality type. Others will often kowtow to Leo without thinking. This isn’t someone people want to offend. When Leo is rankled, the temperature plummets, the looks are withering, and it can be difficult to coax the lion back into arena.


It is virtually impossible to get Leo to change his or her mind over anything. Often bombastic, this sign thinks in straight lines. The opinions Leo formulated during youth remain into old age. Thought processes are slow and deliberate and sometimes pompous. The lion may claim to have given matters careful consideration, and yet details are often overlooked and conclusions tend to be based on intuition rather than fact. What will make Leo look good and afford the greatest power are undoubted influences.


Pride is the strongest of Leo’s emotions. This sign’s external face never shows anything less than confidence. The situation may be different on the inside. When a Leo has strong self belief, amazing things can happen, but if that belief is knocked, Leo takes a long time to recover. Naïve and trusting, Leo s sometimes taken advantage of by others, mostly because Leo assumes that everyone has the same high standards of integrity and loyalty. Surrounded by the right team, Leo is powerful and creative.


Leo’s warm benevolence and good nature can bring sunshine into other people’s lives. This is a highly creative spirit.


The lion is prone to lording it over others. Wanting to look good makes the sign vulnerable to false praise. Snobbery, pride and arrogance undermine this sign, as does a penchant for good living.


The sign’s tendency to organise other people can become a compulsive urge to control. The shadow side of the Leo character seeks to exploit other people’s weaknesses.


Autocratic and unbending., Leo needs to recognise the responsibility of holding power. The karmic challenge is to become personally empowered rather than enjoy power over others.  


Applause, shopping, good food, wine, the arts, the opera, anything with passion and verve.


Put downs, being laughed at ‘mousey’ people, attempts at budgetary control.


Leo is a spender and often lives well above his or her means. Money simply falls through these golden fingers. Not that Leo minds, since this sign has an innate ability to generate more, and others always give support. Even when broke, this sign is generous and maintains an ostentatious lifestyle.

As a parent

Leo is a warm, playful, and creative parent. This parental type prides him or herself on providing well for the children, who are encouraged to explore the world creatively. Children are expected to do exceptionally well, following the Leonian model.

As a child

This is the golden child who stands out from the crowd. Leo as a child always has a court of devoted admirers, which can lead to problems with spoiling. This child needs a school environment inn which he or she can shine, with opportunities for dance and drama. Discipline is also important to keep Leo’s developing ego in check. A Leo child soon turns into a drama queen if thwarted.


Leo is a natural actor, dancer, television producer or presenter, fashion model, rock star, sportsperson or fashion designer. This sign also makes an excellent window dresser, heating engineer, goldsmith or gold dealer. Leo is happy exercising authority as a judge, youth worker, teacher, politician, president, managing director, lawyer, fundraiser or bond dealer. With the signs strong connection with play and leisure center manager are also appropriate: and given the link to the heart, many Leos become cardiologist or cardiac surgeons.

Leisure activities

Leo combines indolence with energy, disliking sports that work up a sweat, but enjoying being seen at a fashionable gym. Aerobics keep Leo looking good, as does dance. Gentle team sports are acceptable, provided Leo is the captain.




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