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Libra season is coming!

Libra season is coming!

Cancer season was moody, Leo season was a monthlong party, and Virgo season was work, work, work. But it’s Libra time now!
Are you ready to start a season of abundance? Libra season is here again to usher in themes of balance, negotiation, harmony, and social connections.

Libra season begins on September 22nd, and we’ll experience the blissed-out vibes all the way until October 23rd, when the Sun enters Scorpio.

Great Crystals to work with during this Libra Season

These are all harmonizing, grounding, and heart-opening crystals that bring happiness, optimism and encourage you to look within for peace of mind and a big dose of self love.
You can create crystal grids in your home, bathe with your crystals or meditate with them around you or in your hands. Don’t forget to charge them up by the light of the next full moon!

Libra Self Care tips

-Balance yourself internally, however this looks to you.
- Drink red clover to detoxify your kidneys and skin
-Think about how you can support your lower back, stretching, massage, new lumbar pillow

-Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good or just in your purchase power. Especially if it’s a needed item, buy something that makes you feel like you are giving back too.
-Meditate with a power stone.

Check out our website for some great Crystals to help guide through your Libra season!  
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