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Life, Death and the Scarab Beetle

Life, Death and the Scarab Beetle
The Scarab is a messenger of eternity, letting you know that fate and destiny are always at work in your life, destiny is comprised of the choices you make while fate is woven by your reactions to events and circumstances.

The ancient Egyptian scarab beetle has been around for thousands and thousands of years and was modelled after the dung beetle. It is associated with divine manifestation, as well as being associated with divine beings, such as the sun god Khepri, who was responsible for rolling up the sun every morning, much like how the dung beetle rolls its ball. Being a beloved symbol of the ancient world, symbolizing life, death and resurrection, it was used in countless pieces of jewellery and worn as amulets, especially for those on their journey to the afterlife or for luck.

Much like people evolve, the scarab also evolved in form and in use throughout time. The Egyptian scarab amulet had been found from the 6th Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. During the Middle Kingdom period, scarabs were used in everyday life, such as being used to seal official documents and were also crafted into many items. When the New Kingdom rose, scarabs were exceedingly important in region, often being inscribed with the names of gods.

Additionally, they were used in funeral practices, often being placed within tombs or on the dead. While originally crafted in stone, as the scarab beetles became more popular and common, the crafting of them also expanded, being made in crystals such as lapis lazuli, turquoise and amethyst as well as being made in precious metals such as silver and gold.

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