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Light, Vibration, Action

Light, Vibration, Action

How Does Light and Sound Help Your Crystals?

Scientists have shown that Light can trigger coordinated, wavelike motions of atoms in atom-thin layers of crystal
What that means is the atoms in crystals can be enhanced to bring out the vibrations in the crystal structure.
Manly tools can be used to do this such as
* Bells
* Lights
* Sage
This can create a better balance and energy to a room with adding lights, sounds and smells. It also helps recharge your energy just by being in the area.
How amazing to bring in a simple LED Light Base to your favourite Crystal to not only help it vibrate higher but bring out it's amazing beauty and qualities to help you and your environment.
Try our little crystal lights to brighten the room and create an amazing space for yourself even next to your favourite plant to encourage the fairies.

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