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Cauldrons - Make your own Magic with Cauldrons OR Stir the pot!

Cauldrons - Make your own Magic with Cauldrons OR Stir the pot!

From Latin origin, the term cauldron is derived from caldrius, meaning “hot.”

The cauldron represents the Goddess, its round basin symbolising the womb, fertility, and rebirth. When in use, it also signifies the four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

You can place a cauldron on your altar if there is room, or on the floor to the left of the altar. Cauldrons are very useful for mixing your herbs and essential oils, though you must be sure to clean them before and after each use.

You can scry with a cauldron full of water to foresee the future by reading the images on the surface of the water. You can use this magical tool to burn paper upon which you have written your intentions or spells. In doing this, you can send your wishes to the Gods and Goddesses through the flames.

See our huge range of cast iron, aluminium and home decor cauldrons at all our retail locations or online store now! Prices to suit any budget.

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