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Malachite - Stone of transformation

Malachite - Stone of transformation

Is malachite the new moldavite? What does it actually do? 

Malachite is one of my favourite stones because of its wild patterns and vibrant colours. No two pieces look the same. It is a stone of growth and transformation. The deep green colouring signify the deep emotional healing it can bring.

It is often intertwined with chrysocolla and azurite. In the middle ages malachite was thought to protect against the evil eye. In ancient Egypt they used to use it as eyeshadow! Which was a little problematic because it has been found since that raw-unpolished malachite is poisonous! 

Malachite actually works in an absorbing way rather than an omitting way. It is super important to cleanse your malachite after each use because of this. it absorbs any negative/harmful/not for you energy so you can thrive. This is probably why it is different to moldavite. It will put you on your right track but in a more gentle way compared to moldavite. Moldavite comes from space so the energy is insane, and it can be a bit too much for some people. Even malachite can be overwhelming for some people.

Needing a little more money in your life? Malachite and pyrite are a killer combo to manifest an abundance of wealth.

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