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Mercury Retrograde - What does it actually mean?

Mercury Retrograde - What does it actually mean?

You have probably heard/seen/read a lot about mercury retrograde messing with peoples lives, but what does it actually mean, and how do you survive it? 

Mercury entered retrograde for the third time this year on the 27th of September and will stay there until the 18th of October. 

From a scientific explanation retrograde is a optical illusion. Mercury's orbit around the sun is shorter than Earths, so when Earth passes Mercury, Mercury appears to be spinning backwards. Mercury represents communication of all kinds, so when it goes into retrograde all of our communication gets thrown out of order.

Some of the effects of Mercury Retrograde: 

Electronics playing up on you? Yeah, that is probably the retrograde. Seeing as most electronics are how we communicate the retrograde can interfere with them. But sadly, it's not just the electronics to look out for, you might find yourself hitting reply-all, sending messages to the wrong people, or your texts just not going through.

Even verbal communication is harder during this times, you might feel misunderstood, or that you can't get your point across or that you haven't had the opportunity to communicate. It also affects the way we communicate with ourselves. Making it harder to understand our own thoughts and feelings.

So it basically sounds like Mercury Retrograde can and will make everything go wrong. If communication is involved, which it is in pretty much everything we do, then it can go wrong. 

How am I going to survive the mercury retrograde?

So that is a fair question, but do not stress there is light at the end of the tunnel. One perk is that this is our final mercury retrograde for the year. 

1. Get your crystals together. We recommend clear quartz, Amethyst and carnelian.

2. Get yourself a really good phone/laptop case, just incase. 

3. Self care! Take time to relax and re energize. 

4. Avoid making huge decisions, just give things time, make sure all communication is clear. 

5. Re read all emails, texts, social media posts before hitting that send/post button.

6. Breathe, pause, think before reacting. It would be awful if you said something you didn't mean, or it came out the wrong way. Always better to just take a second and start fresh.

If you are feeling really all over the place go and talk to a professional about how to cope. Look after yourself and know this is only temporary!

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