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Mirror, Mirror On The Door

Mirror, Mirror On The Door

Much like the evil eye symbol, traditional Bagua mirrors are said to protect your home from evil and bad vibes. These mirrors are said to be most effective when placed on the outside of your front door/at the main entrance of your home. When in this location, they are said to ward off any Sha Qi or “poison arrows”, known to us as negative energy and serve to manage and conserve Chi, what we know as positive energy. Negative energy or a “poison arrow” might be seen as sharp corners or rooflines from buildings nearby directed towards your home/front door. It can also be seen as lampposts or street signs, a road that seems to head directly to your door or a cul de sac. If any of these apply to your home, placing a Bagua mirror over the door will do the trick to reflect that bad energy and to lure the good energy in.


That being said, you should avoid making these adjustments out of fear as it could do more harm than good for yourself and your neighbours, so ensure you have the right intentions when using one of these mirrors. It’s recommended that you have it with a trigram with three solid lines at the top; they generally have a hook on them indicating which way is up. Bagua mirrors are only used for exterior feng shui adjustments and should not be placed in an interior environment which includes the outside of an apartment door that is inside of the building. Always ensure your mirror is outdoors and facing away from your home.


The Bagua mirror stems from the ancient Chinese practice Feng Shui that claims to use the power of energy to bring people into harmony with their surroundings. The mirrors are normally five or more inches in diameter and shaped like an octagon. They have a round mirror in the centre that can be framed by a variety of materials such as metal, plastic or wood. The colours of the frame vary, but the traditional ones usually include red for vitality and may also include green, gold, and black. The mirrors themselves can come in three different variations and each of the three provide different uses. Bagua mirrors can be flat, convex or concaved. The flat ones are the most common type and they reflect back the energy as it is received, the convex ones are shaped like a dome and push energies back out and the concave ones are shaped a bit like a bowl and they receive and absorb negative energy and harm so you don’t have to.


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