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Libra New Moon 6th of October

Libra New Moon 6th of October

Spooky season has officially begun. And with spooky season (well any season) we have our first new moon of the month.


Lets face it this year has been hard, crazy and wild. You may be feeling like you need to change things up. Well luckily this new moon is on your side. The October 6th new moon is in Libra. Every new moon has a focus on a different element of your life resetting. This new moons focus is on relationships, romantic, friendships, professional, money, society and relationship with yourself. Venus is the planet that leads Libra meaning this new moon is the time to activate ultimate love with heartfelt intentions. 

This new moon will focus on finding balance in our relationships. Take a deep breath and be honest and open about what you need. Not just from other people but from yourself. We need to focus on being completely honest with ourselves this new moon, it is our final new moon with 6 planets in retrograde. Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are all in back spin, so now is the time to sit down and set big, bold, exciting intentions. Be ambitious with your goals and honest about how you are going to get there. 

With these planet in retrograde there is going to be some commotion, particularly the mercury retrograde. People might feel ignored, or be craving more attention. There will be a lot of drama unfolding in your relationships. Don't dismiss this! Use the energy from the new moon to find harmony in your relationships.

The energy from the planets in retrograde can be exhausting, overwhelming and seeming to never end.  During the new moon you need to put your energy into being productive. If you sit back more of the chaos will become present. If you use this energy wisely it can lead to some great conversations and a huge deal of amazing accomplishments.

It's the perfect time to journal, be bold and embrace everything this spooky season has to offer! 

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