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New moon in Virgo on September 7th

New moon in Virgo on September 7th

So you've probably heard a lot about full moons, but what about the new moon? 

Brisbane's next new moon is on the 7th of September and has placement in Virgo, so what does that actually mean, and what can we expect with this new New moon.

A New moon is the start of the new lunar cycle. We tend to direct our energy inward. It is a good time to retreat and reflect. It is also a good time to think about what we want in our lives. The sky is at it's darkest with the new moons, this dark sky symbolizes a blank canvas for us to start fresh. During a new moon we have the power to plant the seeds for the upcoming lunar cycle.

The September New moon may make us feel out of control, but if we remember to look inward this energy can help us feel grounded and present. Falling the sign of Virgo staying grounded and present is going to be challenging. We might feel the urge to be super productive, seeking adventure and a new way of doing things. This sense of adventure and play makes us want to connect to our inner child. Some people might even notice generational wounds (wounds not from this life or from the earth and spirit). The urge to heal them runs deep with the energy of this New Moon. The work is often not easy and can be hard.

If you have already been working on healing this new moon can be a great time for you to level up. For others this might just be a gentle eye opener that they need. 

The energy from this Virgo New Moon can feel all over the place, one day you are motivated with new ideas and the next very reflective and emotional. This is why we can start to feel all over the place and why remaining grounded is so important. Staying connected to the earth can help us find our power through this new moon. The energy will be wild, the emotions will be heightened, but this moon can help you take that baby step or a giant leap. Either effort will be supported. 

Unsure of what to actually do on a new moon? Stay tuned for our next blog post with an example of a New Moon ritual.

Wanting to know a bit more about the moon cycles? Check this out: Search: 10 results found for "moon books" – The Crystal and Wellness Warehouse



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