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Owls are Hootiful

Owls are Hootiful

I thought I'd start this blog with a silly joke for our followers. What do you call an owl that transforms things through magic? An owlchemist...

Now back to the beautiful mysterious owl that has been a subject in the myths and folklore of cultures around the world for centuries.

The Owl is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, change, transformation and intuitive development, owls have many spiritual associations throughout the globe. Owls are often seen as a symbol of death however it is not necessarily a legitimate death, they represent rebirth and new beginnings with a higher understanding and evolved perspective.

Owls are independent creatures, they live and hunt individually, only brooding together for warmth and mateship. They are extremely successful hunters due to their intelligence and are believed to carry unknown wisdom.

Within the Native American culture owls were seen as guidance to holy men or women within their healing practises. It was believed that the owls had very soft, gentle ways and these were taught to them by the owls to allow the holy men/women to incorporate it into their healing practises.

As owls are nocturnal it's rare to spot one so consider yourself lucky if you see one as seeing an owl represents your connection to your inner knowledge and intuition and it's best to ask your higher self or guides what this message means in relation to your life.

Whether you love spirit animals or you're a Harry Potter Hedwig super fan, let's all agree owls are very special and magical creatures!

See our huge range of cute & realistic resin owl statues and our sterling silver pendants available at all our retail stores and online shop! 

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