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Pendulum Magic

Pendulum Magic

What is pendulum magic and how do you do it? What are the basics of it?

Pendulum magic has been around for a very long time. It's a super simple method for a person to gain information. basically all a pendulum is, is a weight suspended by a string like item, that gives you answers based on which direction it moves. They are one of the easier forms of magic to learn.

The energies and answers you get from a pendulum are actually coming from you. They aren't enchanted with a spirit or anything its all the subconscious vibes you are picking up from the universe. The more energy you pour into your pendulum the more energy it will give back and you will form a stronger connection with it. 

The easiest way to use a pendulum is to pinch the end of the string between your thumb and forefinger on your dominate hand, stabilize your elbow on a table, give it a little tap to start the motion, and focus on the question (normally and yes or no questions). Based on what direction the pendulum swings gives you your answer, you can use a board or draw your own to help you read the pendulum. It does take a bit of practice to start to understand the pendulum. If you are doing an extended reading its good to record the answers and questions so you don't forget.

Looking to go into pendulums a little further? Check out our pendulum equipment online and instore: Search: 3 results found for "pendulum" – The Crystal and Wellness Warehouse

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