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Show Off Your True Colours with Peacock Ore

Show Off Your True Colours with Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore, also known as Bornite, is a mineral made up by a combination of copper, iron and sulphur. This metallic ore gets its nickname from the beautiful iridescent colours that occur on its surface. Sometimes mistaken as being man-made, these colours are natural and occur as the surface tarnishes when exposed to oxygen. For this reason, peacock ore is very rarely tumbled or polished as it would remove the tarnishing which causes the iridescence. The iridescence on peacock ore come in many hues, the blues and greens mimic the bright colours of a peacock’s tail feathers.

When you’re struggling to put yourself out there and be yourself Peacock Ore could be your new best friend.

On theme with the bright colours this mineral is said to brighten your aura and energize you, it both brings joy and positivity and encourages you to see it wherever and whenever you are. For this reason, it can be an ideal crystal to keep with you before (and during) a long day studying or working. This brightening energy is also great for situations when you may need to channel your charismatic side as it aids in boosting confidence and encouraging you to relax.

If you’ve been doubting your decisions recently and finding it difficult to stick to your chosen paths this could be the crystal for you as it encourages you to be grounded when in sticky situations and trust your judgement. If you do happen to be heading in the wrong direction, peacock ore will be there to give you a nudge into a more positive direction.

The rainbow of energy in this crystal is powerful when removing energy blockages and can be a great tool when working with your chakras and in Reiki healing.

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