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Singing bowls

Singing bowls

The premise of playing a singing bowl is very ample. If you have a handheld singing bowl you should place It In your hand opposite of your dominant hand.
Then, take the wooden stick or mallet provided with the bowl in the hand you intend to play the bowl with. Hold the stick firmly, with the fatter end facing downward in your fist. If you hold onto the stick too loosely it will bounce around the bowl and will not produce a solid ringing sound, which is the desired effect.
Holding the stick or mallet firmly against the outside metal rim of the bowl, slowly rub in either a clockwise or counter clockwise motion around the bowl. You will start to hear a quiet hum at first, and as you gain momentum with each revolution around the bowl will begin to hear a louder ringing, humming, harmonic sound.
You will have press the stick or mallet against the bowl’s rim harder and harder to maintain a louder and louder hum as you progress, or It begins to bounce around the outside of the bowl.
Once you have reached the desired volume or tone, you can maintain the pressure required to keep the sound going. At this point when you will reap the greatest benefits of singing bowls.
Each person has their own preference for volume and tone with the bowl. So you can just do what works best for you. It may take a little practice to get to a tone you feel works for your needs. But that is part of the fun of learning how plays a singing bowl.
Once you have mastered the technique you can begin incorporating the singing bowl into more of your day to Increase wellness, relaxation, and Inner harmony.


Benefits Of Singing Bowl:

  • Singing Bowls can help to reduce stress through the peaceful and harmonic vibration they produce.
  • They help to align the cell functions within the body to promote wellness and healing.
  • The sounds produced by the Singing Bowl have been shown to help with meditation and breathing practices, which help to focus the mind and calm the body.
  • Many believe that through the reduction of stress, blood pressure can be lowered. It can help to reduce the risk of disease and heart-related Illnesses.
  • The vibration of the bowl is thought to help improve circulation, as well as Increase blood flow throughout the body.
  • The more we study about sound waves, energy, and magnetic resonance the more we are beginning to understand the possibility of how helpful Item like the singing bowl may actually be to our physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • The actual vibrations and sounds produced by the singing bowl, the act of tuning In to the motion of playing the singing bowl is therapeutic on Its own.
  • The slow, rhythmic movement needed to be able to produce the desired sound with the stick promotes a state of synchronicity between the player and the bowl. It becomes easier to tune out other noises around you and easier to focus on your own inner movements.
  • This is one way in which the singing bowl helps to Increase the depth of a meditative state. You can time your breathing match the revolutions of your hand moving the stick around the rim of the bowl as well to Increase relaxation.

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