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Something's brewing! Herbal Magic.

Something's brewing! Herbal Magic.

Magic can be defined as “the practice of causing change through the use of powers as not yet defined or accepted by science” The basis of herb magic then is the power that is generated and maintained by the universe. From the germination of a single seed, to the energy that spins our planet, the energy behind birth, life and death of all living things, since ancient times herbs have been used in healing, rituals and spell work.

Each herb, just like each crystal, has its own vibrational rate which is determined by its chemical make-up and density. The powers resident in herbs are determined by the plants habitat, scent, colour, form and other considerations. Herb magic is therefore the use of herbs to cause a needed change.

For maximum effect herbs should be chosen for a spell or ritual with the vibration to meet the specific need, for example, Cedar is fine for attracting money, but would not help in a fertility spell.  You do not have to wait for a full moon ritual, you can use herb spells and rituals at any time of the year, during any kind of weather and any time day or night.

It is important to prepare yourself before you engage in herb magic, make sure you are relaxed, and wear comfortable clothing, add a sachet of cleansing herbs to your bathwater beforehand perhaps, then it is time for visualization, creating a vision and picture in your mind of your need.

Herb magic can also be explained in terms of magical intentions, which are also magical needs such as love, money or protection. For example. herbs used for protection guard the bearer against physical and psychic attacks, injury and accidents, wicked spirits and the evil eye, thus protective herbs are generally seen as preventive in nature. The most common magical intentions are for protection, love, healing, fertility, wealth, hex-breaking, luck, happiness, manifestations and health.

So go forth in confidence and try your own magical brews and concoctions! 

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