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Spirit of the Green Man

Spirit of the Green Man
The Green Man has always been around us, he stared down at us, the face with the foliage pouring from the mouth in churches and cathedrals for centuries. The Green Man is believed to symbolize the circle of life, death and rebirth. He is a pagan symbol who heralds Spring after a long Winter and the renewal of lush vegetation.

In modern paganism, the Green Man is often used to represent ecological awareness or seasonal renewal – growth and life. He has been associated with everything from the Greek god Pan, to the Celtic Cernunnos, to vegetative deities like Dionysus or the Welsh Blodeuwedd, to the medieval woodwose or “wildman of the wood.” 

If you walk within a forest of ancient woodland and get the feeling you're not alone, the chances are he is with you. He's been with mankind from the start and now is around us more than ever helping us to make contact with our natural environment and stop destroying our ever fragile world. He is indeed a figure to be honoured.

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