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Tea Time, Want A Cuppa!

Tea Time, Want A Cuppa!

The tea story started believe it or not over 5000 years ago in China. The emperor demanded all water be boiled and a tea leaf landed in the water and he liked it.

From then on it was used for medicine, flavour and parties. Then named High Tea or Tea Parties. In South Asia they have tea ceremonies, in Tibet they often boil tea with salt and butter.

Way back they used to make Tea bricks, the tea was semi dry and made into small bricks. The tea bricks used to sometimes be used a currency to buy or sell.

From the tea bricks they then grinded the tea to make matcha tea. So a fine powder then was whisked into a frothy foam with hot water.

Then in 1391 the emperor wanted to change it to just loose leaf tea and started to seep the tea and put it in small containers to hold the flavour and the use of tea pots was introduced to make the tea flavour stronger.

Hong Kong then put milk actually condensed milk with tea, green tea with lemon hot or cold. 

The history of tea is absolutely amazing. Now days we also know the health benefits of drinking tea such as help with inflammation, boost your immune system and just sooth your soul.

Plus you can use tea leaves to read your future. Back in the Victorian Days they used to read your tea leaves from the bottom of your empty cup and see pictures to tell you what your future beholds. So much fun.

Some people say a cup of tea is like a big warm hug and can fix any problem!



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