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At normal temperature, the crystalline white metal bismuth is still solid, but it only takes a small amount of heat to melt it. Once molten, the bismuth arranges its molecules into incredibly intriguing forms that are preserved when it cools back down. Crystals are produced when matter arranges its molecules into a more precise arrangement.

At normal temperature, the unique and rare metal bismuth is solid. Out of the 75 listed rare elements found in the Earth's crust, it is more uncommon than platinum, coming in at number 69. Crystals of bismuth are man-made or "grown" by humans.

The variations in the thickness of the oxide layer that forms on the surface of the crystal cause different wavelengths of light to interfere upon reflection, thus displaying a rainbow of colors. When burned in oxygen, bismuth burns with a blue flame and its oxide forms yellow fumes.

Anyone who is setting objectives or has lofty aspirations would benefit greatly from the bismuth stone. It inspires us to dream large, make thorough plans, and act on what we say. Bismuth also exhorts us to be prudent, strategic in our planning, and teachable.

Some authors suggest that Bismuth transforms the energy of the Crown Chakra to energise the Root Chakra, thereby actualising the power of wisdom. This correlates with the sense of presence one feels when holding and working with it.


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