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The ancient art of tea leaf reading

The ancient art of tea leaf reading

Tea leaf reading, also known as tasseography, is said to have origins in Asia, the Middle East, and Ancient Greece, with Middle Eastern cultures typically using coffee. However, modern tea leaf reading began in the 17th century when tea was introduced from China to Europe. Tasseography can be traced back to medieval Europe where fortune tellers read splatters of wax, lead, and other molten substances in their divination.

Pour the tea into your cup, ensuring not to use a tea strainer. Then, enjoy the cup of tea as you normally would, reflecting on the things that you would like to learn from your reading as you sip. Leave a small amount of dregs in the bottom of the cup. Swish the dregs around for a few seconds and then turn the cup upside down onto the saucer. Move the cup from the left side three times in a circle and then turn it over.

Reading leaves is a fun and easy way of making predictions for you, your friends, and family. The Cup of Destiny reveals the secrets of this ancient method, allowing you to make predictions for yourself and your friends. It shows you how to relate signs and symbols to real events and future possibilities, providing clear insights which can be startingly accurate. Learn the ancient art of reading tea leaves – or coffee grounds – with this beautifully designed cup and saucer, based on an original Edwardian design.

Why not turn the kettle on now and start your first reading?

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