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The halls of Amenti

The halls of Amenti

The ancient Egyptian god Thoth, was named accordingly due to his name meaning thought and time. He was one of the most important gods, and was credited with making reality, as he made the calculations for the stars, moon, heavens, earth and more.

As described in the second emerald tablet, Thoth built the pyramids at the entrance to the , halls of the Amenti. Thoth used the highest, most worthy individual to become guard of the halls, later making him a priest, designating him as the god of wisdom. It is said that the halls of Amenti act as a filter, between physical being and our soul, the realm between the omega and our world as we see it.  The omega point is where the individual will achieve the highest point of consciousness, after passing through the halls of Amenti. Reincarnation may happen within the halls where an individual is given a new physical body, this may happen repeatedly until, the individual finally understands that the physical world is an illusion. These halls are said to be made of mirrors, or mirror like depictions, as this realm is an illusion to those who enter. The only was to pass through the realm, the halls of Amenti, is by acquiring wisdom and knowledge. According to some legends, the halls had developed to become the halls of the gods, and have had the souls of those who have passed away, be trialled through the halls.

This realm, the halls of Amenti, allows individuals to rely solely on their senses and instincts. Without the ability to do this, it would be impossible to pass through this mirrored realm. It is thought that when relying on the senses, you are able to see the hidden and the Candor behind things. In this case, it was the realisation that all physical things are just an illusion.

The halls of Amenti are very complex, as well as beautiful and as such, this blog is only the tip of the iceberg.

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