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The Welsh Goddess Ceridwen

The Welsh Goddess Ceridwen

Ceridwen, according to Welsh legends and folklore, was a white witch or goddess, and is considered to be the goddess of poetry, inspiration and of the cauldron of transformation. Ceridwen is regarded by many modern pagans as the Celtic goddess of rebirth. In this form, modern pagans worship her as a prominent deity of wisdom and creation, though sometimes mixed with other goddesses.

A mother and a wise woman all at once, she is blessed by the gift of poetic wisdom, inspiration, and prophecy, called Awen in Welsh lore. This power comes from her magical cauldron where she brews great potions to help others. She has many of these abilities herself without the cauldron’s power.

Potions brewed from her cauldron range in effect, such as changing the appearances of others, allowing them to shapeshift, or give the gift of Awen itself. Though her potions grant the gift, they are also quite dangerous. After the gift is given, a single drop of the potion has the power to kill. Ceridwen is careful with who she gives her potions to as she wishes no harm on others but knows that power comes with a price.

Ceridwen’s spirit marks a boundary space between one adventure and the next. She changes us and renews us in unforeseen ways. Ceridwen may also represent a change of fortune, or perhaps a change in perspective on a circumstance that may seem undesirable at first, but in fact lays the groundwork for new possibilities.

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