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Using Sea Salt For Protection and Cleansing

Using Sea Salt For Protection and Cleansing
Did you know that throughout history, many cultures around the world, practitioners of magic, even some religions and spiritual practices believe salt is protection against evil and negative energy!
Try pouring a thin line of sea salt around your home after cleansing or Smudging to keep bad energies from sneaking back in your happy harmonious loving home.
If you have troublesome neighbors that you want to stay away, keep their distance or if they’re just making your life miserable, throwing some salt their way may help. (This can also be helpful for keeping other people away such as annoying in-laws, or people you just need a break from!) 
Throw salt at their front doorstep then turn away without looking back to keep troublesome neighbors at bay.
If you can’t get to their front doorstep, outline your property or the part of your property that is next to or faces your neighbor’s property.
Throw salt in someone’s footsteps can help prevent them from returning.
Salt represents earth, so placing salt on your altar brings the element of earth to your magickal workings.
By mixing salt and water, you can consecrate your ritual and sacred space before magickal workings.
Walk clockwise around your sacred space to begin the ritual or magickal working and sprinkle the water with your fingertips on the floor.
Infusing salt into spell work can give an added boost and emphasis.
Use salt with herbs and other ingredients for spell bottles to carry with you, add to your altar or in your home, or even bury them near your entrances and/or on your property.
These are just a few examples of using salt in a magickal practice. Even adding salt to a meal can have magical properties!

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